6 Steps to Smaller Pores

When it comes to large, visible pores prepare for your solution to take some time. Thorough transformation doesn’t happen overnight – it takes both time and commitment. That said, a combination of a raw food regimen and a consistent skin regime (which tailored to your skin’s needs) is the safest and most natural route to take in caring of your face and minimising pores.

Eat Right and Drink Water

Concentrate on foods that help rebuild collagen in your body, such as silica-rich foods (romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers) and sulphur-rich cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, green cabbage). Foods high in protein, vitamins A, C and E, copper, zinc and iron also play important roles in the formation of collagen. Maintaining a raw plant-based diet is the key to achieving beautiful skin. Yes, you’ve heard this before but this is SIMPLY a reminder to always try and drink 8 glasses of water a day!

Keep your Face Clean

Enlarged pores are often stubborn. Commit to keeping your face as clean as you can, always. When you go to bed ALWAYS make sure to wash the days dirt and makeup off with a good cleanser such as our coconut milk facial cleanser (use with a vegetable sponge for bet results). Then, to get the rest of the dirt off, use a good toner like one of our hydromist’s (first by spritzing some on a cotton pad to wipe off the remaining dirt, then spritz your face to add extra moisture) before adding a light layer of our Anti-Ageing Concentré Serum. Allow some time for the serum to sink in before hitting the pillow. Essentially, you are trying to catch up with excessive oil production by removing dirt, oil and debris from the day. Let these remain, and your pores will become even more visible. And we don’t want that!

Get the Oil Out

Unclogging your stuffed pores is the first step to diminishing their visible size. Steam your face for a few minutes before cleansing. Apply a hot towel and allows the oil to soften, making it easier to remove from the pores. A clay mask offers a way to soak up oil, draw out impurities, and (as drying occurs) tighten the skin’s surface, making pores appear smaller. We will be launching a clay very soon- watch this space!

Exfoliate Daily

Daily exfoliation helps remove dead cells, thus keeping the pores on the small side. Dry brushing might bring the best results.

Wear Sunscreen

Exposure to UVA and UVB rays creates free radical damage, which slows down cell production – in turn forcing your skin to work harder. This causes the stratum corneum to thicken and this can make pores appear larger.

Wipe down after working out!

Wiping during and post work-out prevents sweat from clogging your pores. Be sure to keep towelettes that are moistened with gentle cleansers (but are alcohol-free and hypoallergenic) in your gym bag to make wiping your face more easy and convenient.